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Pictorial Prose
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Thursday, July 17, 2014


The kiss of rain,
the vibrant soul,
the sun on my face
and your loving hold.

The magic of life,
the journey untold,
the colliding of two
an action so bold.

The soft gentle breeze,
the song of the wind,
blue skies and rainbows
and distance the sin.

The beauty of dreams,
visions in my mind,
bring you close as
your heart to mine.

The dance on the clouds,
forever's embrace,
gazing into your eyes
as we stand face to face.

The love that we give,
felt with each day,
the gift of love
that found a way.

To celebrate,
rejoice from a high,
the bonding of two
just you and I.

Always here,
waiting for you,
always my love
I give to you.

John once said that in the neighborhood he lived, he was razzed for mowing his own grass and doing his own gardening. As I escaped into my own flower garden and felt the soil slip through my fingers it was evident that there is a balance necessary between man and earth. Nature when given the ultimate of respect, reveals many gifts. The opposite can also be said for it is true if we don't keep a balance and give a certain amount of respect we will see the wrath of earths fury.
For a short period of time as I weeded the garden and tended to the flowers, I felt a sense of oneness, peace and calm. We are not above her or below her , but one with Mother Earth. Watching as the roses bloom and quickly fade, I am reminded of the passing of time.


Margie said...

Rachel, when I read your beautiful poems of love I feel such joy.

My garden always gives me joy!
Do you have a variety of flowers in yours.
I have some and aslo cherry tomatoes, cukes and carrots .

Rachel C Miller said...

Hi Margie,

I love gardening. I have a few acres with various gardens. One is my butterfly garden, where I have hyssop, mornarda, pink cone flowers, aster, milkweed for the monarch butterflies. The Monarch has dropped in numbers and they only feed on the milkweed. I also have lots of roses and Delphiniums. I like to experiment with different plants and one of my favorites is a Medinilla it has large green leaves and beautiful pink bracts that form large flowers. Starting them from seed is some experience as the seeds are so tiny. I do love gardening the vegetables, tomatoes, beans, pumkin and loofah. It is the quite the addiction, but a beautiful one at that. I am sure out your way you must have lots of cactus. This year in the greenhouse I have experimented with growing cactus. Also I love cooking with fresh herbs and have basil, oregano, mints etc. Gardening is a beautiful way to spend time.
Thank you for lovely comments. I am glad you enjoy them.