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Pictorial Prose
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Friday, July 25, 2014

Betting on the Angels

Chasing the blooms of a flower
   is like racing against the seasons.
That which gives us pleasure
reveals the depth of emotion.
When silence rules the night,
and darkness is everywhere,
I reach deep into my heart and
it is your voice I hear.
The dreams are all so enticing,
that I would sleep my days away,
just to feel your lips to mine. 
and make blues skies out of gray
Memories which are haunting,
trivial though some may say,
but to my soul they are the life
when smiles led the way.
Waiting on a butterfly,
waiting on a dream,
waiting for you to
stroll with me.
Waiting on the sunshine,
waiting on the blue,
waiting on the clouds
to dance the night with you.
Time keeps on moving,
it never stands still,
days into years
record how I feel.
My emotions are
stronger each day,
I love your more
than words can say.
I went to the mountain,
to shout out your name,
instead I just whispered
in  a most passionate way.
Listen close and you will hear,
the words of love my heart shares.
Nothing can change how I feel,
not even if my heart stood still.
I bargained for eternity,
just to hold you close to me.
No matter what you say or do,
you are in my heart and I love you.
I took to the heavens, to beg and to plea,
that you and I would celebrate for eternity.
The combination of heart and soul,
joined together in forever's fold.
Nothing can take you away from me,
we are more than a foolish dream.
You are my good morning and good night,
you are the sweet love of my life.
Wake to your tender kiss, is a moment
I wouldn't miss.
I'm betting on the angels,
grasping at the stars,
for you and I are one,
whether near or far.
Joined together,
never to part,
for we collided
both soul and heart.
I'm betting on the angels,
grasping at the stars,
for you and I are one,
whether near or far.

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