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Pictorial Prose
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Friday, July 25, 2014

La, la, la with me...

The night was near perfect
and the temperature just right,
as I took a dip in the pool and
gazed at the stars twinkling bright.

I knew that if you were looking,
the stars that you would see,
were exactly the same as the
ones shining down on me.

Though distance parts the body,
nothing can separate our souls
as we embrace the moment
and a true loving hold.

I always feel your sweet love,
it is with me day after day, as
I hold it tender in my heart
and that is where it will stay.

The night was eerie quiet,
no tree frogs in symphony
and yet your voice could
be heard to comfort me.

`The song of yesterday,
the memories we made,
like a dream in the heavens
that bring your love my way.

Here in the hollow,
with great delight,
I dream of the moment
where you hold me tight.

The dance in the heavens,
to set sail at sea , if only
to bring your love  here
to me.

I close my eyes and
here is what I see,
we are dancing so
very eloquently .

Heart to heart,
your soul with mine,
the dance of lovers
passionately entwined.


I smiled at the memories,
no tears were insight,
like stars in the heavens,
our love shines so bright.


Don't forget to sing,
la la la with me,
let your heart
la, la, la my dream.

Don't forget to dance,
da, da,da with me,
let your feet
da, da da, each step
from memory.

Take the moment
and hold it still,
feel my arms around
you, it doesn't take

Don't forget to sing,
la, la, la with me,
let your heart
la, la, la my dream.

Don't forget to dance,
da, da, da with me,
let your feet
da, da , da from


Margie said...

So love this!
Rachel, I have been a little under the weather and have not been visiting much, sorry!

Rachel C Miller said...

Hello Margie,

I hope you are feeling better soon. Never be sorry, life is like a winding road, a few left and right turns, some hills with the occasional yields and stop signs.
Take Care