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Sunday, July 06, 2014

Save the Last Dance For Me.

Life is a dance and the world our ballroom,
embrace it with each new step.
The weather is as near perfect today as one can imagine. No rain, no humidity, warm and sunny but not to hot. As I worked in the flower bed and thought about that last dance, it occurred to me that each day we dance through life, embracing all that it is. Our dance consist of the courtesy, bows, jumps and spins and a occasional stumble and fall. Sometimes it seems as if we are dancing so fast we fail to appreciate the partner of life. It is love of life that creates that romantic slow dance that exudes with passion. We partner with the world around us while taking in the air we breathe and exhaling with that very love for life.
My emotions can get the best of me at times as I think about the experience in which I chose to dance. Some of them making sense at the time, found me flat on the dance floor needing that hand to pull me back on my feet.  I have to remind myself that I am only one part of life's partnership and therefore I can be only responsible for the choices I myself make. Though sadness and sorrow sometimes edge their way in and try to take control of the dance, the beauty life pulls us back reminding us that we lead the steps.
I began to dance when only tears fell,
circling and circling around my own hell.
I thought no one knew the steps and
that I was trapped in an awful mess.
The world revealed to me,
the steps of life that set me free.
Led me to that cloud up high
where you took my hand and
we danced through life.
Our song is playing...put your head on my shoulder, whisper in my ear...

There is a story that has
yet to be explained
and a road traveled
that is a bit insane.

Some things you can't let go of
and so much more I need to know.
I find myself wondering why,
some chapters still make me cry.

Like an unfinished puzzle,
there are pieces that are missing.
I am searching high and low
spending my life on wishing.

There is a story that
has yet to be explained
and a road traveled
that is a bit insane.

It is the memories
and all those dreams,
the laughter of heart
even when we are a part.

It is the way you smile,
your most charming style,
the passing of time and
those God forsaken miles,

It is the kiss of morn and
what life has in store,
that keeps me begging
for just a little more.

It is what you mean to me,
you are my everything,
my embrace of life,
that I celebrate both
day and night.


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