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Pictorial Prose
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Friday, July 11, 2014

Script of Life

The cooler mornings remind me much of the fall season. I found myself reluctant to wake up and get on with my work, despite all my obligations to do so. My thoughts are rather scrambled as I try to put them behind start on my day.
Pictorial Prose is truly about the images and words that come together through the window of love. In many ways it started with the freedom that writing so grants us. As I look back over the years I can see loving life and being loved really are quite different. For some reason those flip cartoon strip books we had as kids comes to mind. You know the ones where you flip the pages and the comic strip moves as if it was a real time movie. As I flip through my pages of life I can see that it also moves quickly presenting us with images that time rules.
Pictorial prose love of the world around us or denial of the negative that surrounds us?

I met with the morning,
the sun shining bright,
the skies so blue and
not a cloud in sight.

The silence ruled,
the dogs are asleep,
the rooster ailing,
I heard not a peep.

My pillow the comfort,
my warm blankets near,
as I lay here dreaming
and wishing you here.

My emotions mixed,
there is so much to feel,
sorrow and happiness
to a hear that can't heal.

Questions remain,
more than a few as I
wait on the answers
under the blue.

I only follow
the script of life,
I tried to rewrite,
it wasn't quite right.

The journey unfolds, l
like ribbon that unspools,
leading me down the
 path to you.

I only know what is
deep in my heart,
it has been there from
the very start.

From the day you
said hello and my
love for you began
to grow and grow.

I can't stop what I see,
you are the love in my everything.
The daisy on the side of the road,
the rivers that to you flow.


I don't like the silence, that is when my mind plays games with me, reviewing all the conversations shared and again rolling through the dreams.  I tried to put them behind me not to give them time, but as long as I am still living you will always be on my mind. You are the sunshine in the morning, that warms this heart of mine, gives this life some hope and reasoning, like a majestic fine. My heart is troubled at all that comes my way, there are so much to do and so much more to say.
I document the moments so that all will know how wonderful love as it gives to life a certain glow. The mountains and the rivers, all the seasons of life are just a reflection of your love in my life. The rain that falls, the sun that shines, spring through winter, you will always be mine.

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Margie said...

I so much enjoyed this writing Rachel and can so relate.
Thank you for all your lovely words of beauty.