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Pictorial Prose
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Tuesday, July 01, 2014


Barely in with two hours of sleep,
I woke from an incredible dream.
Unimaginable but true, I was there
right next to you .
Surreal is this particular view,
where a soul encountering comes
shining on through.
Heart racing and I can hardly breathe,
settle down it is just a dream.
We spoke, we shared and embraced,
we stood there passionately face to face.
My heart is slowing, I'm wide awake,
the dream was our new meeting place.

I have a fascination which borders on the side of obsession for growing the Medinilla flower. It always amazes me  how the blooms can be larger than the plant it grows on. Their petals and bracts gracefully arch as if they were bending down to the earth. In all reality their blooms are just to heavy to keep erect. Customers at the market where hoping I could propagate from a few stem cuttings for them, but I thought I would chance growing them from seed. My success rate growing from seed has never been to positive and yet I find the challenge from those that do succeed, personally rewarding.
Nature and especially  gardening, always presents a challenge and yet brings about a comfort zone I use to think oh if these flowers could talk, the stories they would tell.
Whispers of love,
meant only for you,
listen closely as
your heart would
have you do.
Catch that bluebird,
take a flight through
the air, like the wind
to my soul, I felt your
love as we shared.
Whispers of love,
meant only for you,
listen closely as your
heart would have you
I stripped away the sadness,
no shades in dark hues,
only sunshine for me
and you.
There is something to be learned from everything,
in accepting that makes us wiser.

To live is to love..
There is no greater gift
than the sharing of hearts.
Once loved,
always loved.
Something's can't be taken away,
the experience called love,
it is forever in
the making.
It is that easy,
just follow me,
close your eyes and
lean on memories.

Envision the stars and
the clouds in the sky,
know that I am with you,
I'm right by your side.

It is that easy,
just follow me,
close your eyes and
lean on memories.

My feelings are a mix of
a sad song and a love song.
If I let go I would be an empty shell,
void of your love.
Two hearts, one love...

Who we are and what people think we are has been a nagging thought for sometime now. Like a diamond with many facets, we are many things to many people and through the eye of the universe we are nothing. Which brings me to,we are simply what we want people to believe we are. Beyond our word like expressions we are energy. The energy can pass through time and space to connect souls. I believe that is so when we strip ourselves of human self.

I saw a heart,
I felt it beat,
shared a love,
stored memories.

Held a moment,
went for a spin,
danced on a cloud,
rejoiced from within.

The tenderness and kindness,
like no other before or now,
took my heart and held it,
while sharing in a smile.

Compassion a gem in
the treasure of life,
where sharing the moment,
was truly a delight.
It is good that I have to work the farmers market tomorrow. I kept battling my thoughts on how many reasons why I don't want to work tomorrow and how many reasons why I should. The humidity has me in a slight slump and I find myself lost somewhere between my memories and my dreams. Somehow as the days pass , you find yourself one step closer to the end chapters. I think of the people that I had to say goodbye to and what their last chapters were like.
There is no doubt that the greatest gift life has to offer is love. Unconditional love is a rare but completing bonding of souls. I do think I am the "hopeless romantic" as I embrace the beauty of love in order to distance the harsh darkness that negativity can place upon a person's soul. What is this great love? Friendship, happiness, compassion, desire, it is everything and it is nothing. It is my head upon your chest listening to your heart beat and a gentle touch across your brow. It is the sharing of hearts and the embracing of souls. The whispers that break through the silence and the visions that can be seen in the night sky.

I hold your love,
I hold it close,
for the greatest fear,
is letting go.

Bonded two into one,
butter melting in the sun,
love's sweet whisper in the air,
of hearts that stopped to share.
Dream, fantasy, chapter or two,
story written, took to the blue,
winds blowing , I'm far away,
looking back on yesterday.

Troubled journey, mountain high,
wanted to believe and therefore denied.
No image nor view, it is what I needed
to see me through.


I held the tears,
kept them inside,
refused to let them
document time.

Today they have fallen,
to wash away, the lies
and deceit that made its

Staring reality in the face,
reveals how far we have come.

Blah, blah, blah, blah...

It is not always black and white. I find myself caught up in this summer humidity, where my body is lazy and my mind is over active. There is always a new revelation or a new way of looking at an old experience. In reality what matters is how the experience is perceived. Our senses or inner consciousness takes what it needs for the moment. It is in the tool box of survival that we find love and faith as the stepping stones on a blinded path.
I thought about what variables would be necessary to change the direction of life. I can't erase what has already been written, for those moments in time led me to today. I am a bit afraid of comfort, as if my flower gardens and greenhouse have summoned me. I find those thoughts and actions to be a bit backwards as if I were on some great slide of life. At times I feel connected and yet separated.
Reviewing life , it is as if a reading a new story for the first time. The reality has changed the facts as it alters the chapters  and leaves  the ending standing in question.

As the D rolls over it becomes rounder and rounder. It is as easy to see the good as the evil. With love in our hearts the image is clearer.

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