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Pictorial Prose
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Friday, July 18, 2014


Do you know how you sometimes wake up to a particular song? This morning all I kept hearing was the lyrics to " this is dedicated to the one I love."  Pictorial Prose is just that, a dedication to love. Each morning before I wake up, until I close my eyes at night. My first instinct was that sounds pretty obsessive and yet what better thing to obsess over than love. Love by all means is a power tool in the arsenal of life. Love is forgiving, understanding and without barriers.

Dance partner, dance
around and around we go,
dance partner, dance
I love you so.

You are my good morning
and my good night,
you truly are the
love of my life.


Morning kisses
just for you,
I dedicate the
whole day through.

Like the wind that
blows through my hair,
our love is a true
breath of fresh air.


Always hungry
for time with you,
I think of all the things
that we could do.

Walking hand in hand,
not knowing what's in store
and gazing at the heavens
while begging for more.

You are the stars
that shine in the night,
I saw your warmth
in that smile so bright.

I know its all so true,
from the moment
of hello and I fell
for you.


I hold the memories
here within my heart
and page through daily
like skipping on stars.

Take my hand
and I'll tell true,
my heart has always
belonged to you.

Follow closely
and you will see,
how wonderful
our love can be.

Take my hand ,
my heart is yours
and that is how we
write forevermore.

Follow closely
heart, soul and mind
and watch as we
record our love for all

Every moment I devote to you,
a record of my love for you,
you are the sun in my morning,
the moon in my night, you are
a gift to delight.

Every day I celebrate,
in a most unusual way.
With a dance in the heavens
and a song in the breeze,
all done by memory.

There is no stopping
my daydreams of you,
twenty four hours a day
and it's all that I seem to do.

In the clouds up high,
I dance you and I,
in the grass I lay as I
dream the day away.

There is no stopping
my daydreams of you,
always sunshine and
skies of blue.

From a star lit night
when the moon takes the sky,
I spend my night dreaming
of you.

I walk along the river and
it seems I am all alone,
until I gaze unto the heavens
and with you I roam.

We take the mountains
and turn them into sand,
again we take the river
and send out our demands.

No barriers between us,
distance cannot rule,
for I keep you close to
me, we are here soul
to soul.
You unlocked the love inside of me,
embraced with happiness via a dream.
Taught me the meaning of this life
and gave to me a reason make it
through the night.

I am yours forever,
that you must know,
you took my heart
and you never let it go.

I recognized when it first came through,
the joy of love when I met you.
Wonderful and magical the first of my dreams,
when we scripted this life with sweet memories.

La la la sing with me, no words do we need,
La la la sing with me, no words do we need.

I knew from the start,
something was happening to my heart,
the power of love was found and
when anchors couldn't keep my feet on
the ground.

La la la sing with me, no words do we need,
La la la sing with me, no words do we need.

Paradise is a day with you,
no matter what we say or
what we do.

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