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Pictorial Prose
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Thursday, December 04, 2008

Come fly with me!

Snow crystals,
rainbow missiles,
blue birds flying high.

a dance with you.

Songs sung,
rhythmic hum,
a melody of love.

Gray skies,
mountains high,
and still I see the sun shine.

Feathered plumes,
full moons,
tickle the spirit.


There is no end to the magic,
sparkling like fireflies throughout the trees.

A miracle was created,
the moment you said hello to me.

You are the blue sky of the heavens,
the love which reaches out to me.

I am the soul of the sun lit morning,
begging for you to hold me.

The wind has no meaning,
the star lits skies have no place.

The day would be empty,
without the warmth of your embrace.
Come fly with me!

Allow your heart to feel the tenderness of love,
allow your soul to soar in the clouds up above.

We''ll travel to every corner of the earth and
when our journey is over a new day we will birth.

Come fly with me and let your spirit free, to live
and love in happiness the way God meant it to be.

1 comment:

Mark said...

Very good! Love your words.