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Pictorial Prose
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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Years!

I woke to the thrashing about of broken branches hitting up against the windows. The hollow rarely fell prey to the hungry winds, as the tall stately trees which carefully lined the hills created a barricade which usually kept the arrogance of the high winds from playing havoc in the hollow. Powerful and a bit mischievous the approaching winter storm no longer danced on tree tops but dipped deep down to master the moment. Placing a familiar white dusting over the valleys and snapping the tallest and strongest of trees the wind again turned the page from comfort to remind us of our vulnerability to the storms of life.
Our habit of recording the moments and documenting the days happenings brings with it a beginning to an end. The last day of a year and the entering in of a new one proves that time indeed stands still for no one. The lessons of life gone unchallenged tease us with our own ignorance, for we cannot possess, nor control the moment. To master time one was must realize that each breathing moment is an experience filled with a variety of choices.
I glanced out the window and watched the dark sky as it was being replaced by an unseen sunlight. The sun's rays battling to pierce through the thick dark clouds of the mornings winter storm reminded me of your love which finds away each day to shine from the heart to brighten my spirit.

Allow no fear to enter in,
your warmth is all I need.

I feel it every morning
and it makes my soul sing.

...and love spoke

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