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Pictorial Prose
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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Powerful the Moment

The sun hiding coyly behind the darkened clouds, still shines brightly like the fire of your love. I could feel it in the morning, it embraces through the day and when the night falls it's there where my body lay.

Powerful the moment as it devours all the memories and than sets them above the mountains to compliment my every dream. There I hold you tightly and whisper the many words of love and feel your embrace from the earth to the clouds above.

Here we never stumble, we know just know what to do, every dance step perfect and each song for me and you. The melody inviting and the words of desire, create the moment that speeds away the hours.

Each journey has a twist and a few uncertain turns, but it always leads to the same place deep where our love burns.Love is here to guide us, to hold us by the hand and take our souls to a place where dreams command.

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