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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Have a Merry Christmas!

One of my favorite things to do at the holidays is listen to the music. I think it matters very little where you have been or where you are going or your beliefs, the message conveyed is one of warmth and love. All caught up with my seasonal preparations ,I sat back a little to relax as the candle light danced shadows on the wall and the music performed its magic as it created a quaint little ambiance. I sat back looked at my Christmas tree and my mind began to wonder. I had this little elf ornament since I was eight years old, It had been misplaced over the last few years and I just found it in the corner of the attic. To most it would be just a dusty old ornament, ah but I saw so much in this ornament,not only was it filled with a flood of memories, it reminded me of the strength it takes to overcome all obstacles. I can remember being that little girl just like yesterday, I think it's because she comes out of hiding every now and then.

Holds your hand,
gives you a kiss and
wishes you a Merry Christmas!

It's sweet memories which use the power of dreams,
to dance of love in the heavens above.

I am always here with you from morning to the
midnight blue, to share my love of with you.

Like lovers do

The tree lights are lit, the candles all a glow and
here I sit as memories begin to flow.

Holding on to you,like lovers do, a kiss so sweet,
would bring me to my knees.

La la la I sing for you, la la la a song of two.
La la la I sing for you, la la la a song of two.

I question not the moment, I said hello to you,
the warmth conveyed was written in the blue.

My heart quivered, my soul like a quake, and
I shook darling from the very first take.
You touched my heart and ...

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