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Pictorial Prose
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Sunday, December 07, 2008

... this moment is yours.

It's conclusive science has spent millions in research to declare that happiness is contagious. I could have saved them a few million. There is something magical in sharing in the warmth of love, the creation of memories, the dance upon the clouds, catching snow flakes with the tongue, ah happiness. I found that happiness sometimes has you hungering for more. I am not sure what it was in the day, maybe a combination of events which touched on the many emotions. More makes it hard to settle for less. I believe today I was caught up in the middle of desire, I just didn't want to think the moment, I wanted to feel the moment. Place your arms tenderly around me and pull me close this moment is yours... I love you, thank you for sharing your happiness.

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Mark said...

You are love and you are loved. Feel and be the moment for that is where happiness resides.