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Pictorial Prose
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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Sky Blue on A Winter Day

Living in a high volume technological world adds a thread of vulnerability to our way of life. Interactively connected, world to world, that which unites quickly divides. Each hour our electrical power had been disrupted proved only of our greater dependence upon means from which we have little control. I rolled through the many emotions first of maintaining a safe quarters to coming to terms with the isolation that quickly surrounds you. The first day came with a set of withdrawal symptoms as if our worlds truly had been divided.
The following day I felt numb, not from the loss of power to the every day chores of life, what I was experiencing was more than a mere infraction upon my lifestyle, it was withdrawal from the explosion of this newly created world. The interference with our world to world bond only proved how powerful the outside connection which tightened the grip upon our lives had become. The utility companies quickly arrived and examined the situation as they proceeded to bring some order to the last few days. It was at this time I escaped into my bedroom as I began to read I fell into a sense of clam as I reviewed the magic of our love which no power, technological or otherwise could divide. Pen in hand the ink flowed across the paper. The words were a blend of emotion from the battle to retain to a cuddling warmth of succession. Not sure if it was merely memories that bridged the moment or the energy of the soul which spanned all time and place. All I was sure of was as the words appeared the reality of what is took its rightful place in my heart to whisper of love.

Fate took a mountain and sailed it out at sea,
as the whispers of memory sent your love to me.
Powerful such energy to ignite our love and as quick as flashing lights unseen barriers tighten like a glove.
The bond of love strengthened as it weaved
the golden sun lit color and the blue of the sea.
Winter approached with fury and a game of misery to play, but it didn't count on love to repave the way. Sings > Whispers of memory, whispers of love, calmed my soul and sent your dreams to hug. La la la la, la la la la you stayed with me and we caught winter by surprise and turned it into spring as we watched the sun rise. la la la la , la la la la We caught winter by surpise and turned it into spring as we watched the sunrise.

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