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Pictorial Prose
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Monday, December 03, 2012


It was my standing joke, that locked inside was a ten year old trying to get out. It reminded me of my daughter who at every stage or a milestone, would raise her arms into the air and say " I am a big girl now."  I have that picture of her first claim to being grown up locked in my memories. Yet she is the first to admit she misses being in kindergarten. We race to grow up, racing life away, rather than enjoying the moment.
Over the years I myself have reached many milestones and as exciting as that is , it still is a bit frightening. It must be that ten year old trying to get out. A good friend use to say " ignorance is bliss". I never quite understood that phrase completely until recently. People  , places and experiences can at times complicate the simplicity of life.
Sending my pigs out to be butchered, was kind of sad. Jokingly as I fed them, I would tell them you are going to be Christmas Dinner. But when reality comes into play and that time to send them off actually happened, my daughter burst out with," I am not eating them. "  When you think about it we are a network with the world around us. Everything leaning one upon the other, like a set of dominoes. You think about right and wrong. What is right and wrong and who sets the rules?
That which makes you happy can't possibly be wrong. I danced to the memories, smiles and wiped a tear, okay maybe a few tears. As time passed by, it all seemed like a dream and the dreams seemed surreal.  The key to it all is happiness, runs away if only through my dreams.

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