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Pictorial Prose
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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Holiday Prose

As I finished up with some household chores and laundry, I sat back to listen to some traditional holiday music. The melodic jingle reminded me of the simplicity of the holiday. No greater gift than sharing a moment. With my eyes closed I could clearly visualize you sitting next to me. Lights low, fire burning in the fireplace as we watch the flurries of snow dance with the wind. The moment brought a sense of joy and peace as the silence was broken by the music and the stillness replaced by the beating of our hearts. I smiled as my thoughts were draped in the comfort of friendship. My hand reaching for yours, to find your hand reaching in return. With one hand over the other I placed your fingers to my lips and than to my heart. At that very moment there was no past and tomorrow had no baring on the surreal like visions that brought a well being.
The world and it woes faded until they completely disappeared and all that remained was the actions fulfilled by a dream. Locked in my heart and secured for all eternity was a love that knows no end. Stronger with time it revealed all that we are and all that we can be. I gazed out the window at both a daylight moon and winter sun. The sky clearing and the clouds dissipated until all  that could be seen was the vast blue of forever. The chill of the moment ran through my body and I shook as it left me taking a deep breath and blowing it out slowly. The image secured in my mind like a cover to a holiday greeting. The charm of the visual warmed my being with an embrace of love.


I am happiest when I can feel your love 
in my heart and next to my soul. 

To love is a grand gesture, 
to receive love a noble response, 
but when all is said and done, 
to see love in the world around us, 
is the most amazing of gifts. 
When I say I love you, 
it is not merely words, 
it the voice of my heart. 

I shiver from the cold 
and warm from your love. 

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