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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Slipping On The Ice of Life

Over the last few weeks I watched the traditional holiday and winter movies and thought of all the morals to the story each teaches. When we look beyond our own needs,we  begin to see the part we play in other peoples lives. The magical network that reaches out like the entwined threads of life. I find it fascinating the distance love can travel and the barriers it can overcome.
I haven't walked to the post office in awhile. I guess I have spoiled myself since I have had my drivers license. The roads were ice and snow covered and I didn't want to chance driving up over them. As I walked it gives you much more time to think. I remember when I started writing poetry. It was this amazing escape beyond the hollow. With a thought and a few words the pen became a gateway. I could touch , feel , sense and see a world beyond my own. The first one hundred were unique in the sense that they were opening gates to territories that have yet to be discovered. But there was also a simplicity to them as they took a bit of reality and a touch of fantasy and created  a window. Several flowed as the day were written " I'm slipping on the ice of life, as I'm sliding back to you baby. Slipping on the ice of life, because I am so in love, so in love with you ."
There is the review of old chapters and the making of new ones. Unlike a winter snow globe the vision never stays the same. We can shake it up but every time we take a look, we get a different view.

Shake it on up
and take a look,
the view you'll
see is you and I.

In my heart,
you will find,
your place
with mine.


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