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Friday, December 28, 2012

Happy New Year! 2013

The irony is that we celebrate a new beginning in the middle of winter and that our real renewal comes with spring.  I find it difficult to move forward with change when feeling like a bear in hibernation. But never the less the day will come and we will celebrate the beginning of a new year. 
Usually this time finds me wanting to reflect on the past, but this year I feel more of a desire to dwell on where we are going. It's is that crystal ball syndrome, wanting to see tomorrow.  Interlocks with heart and soul , the journey yet to unfold. 

The calender controlling
documents a day, but it 
is in the heart that leads
us down the road where
tomorrow awaits. 

White water wishes, 
flow to the sea in 
hopes that you'll 
be waiting there 
for me. 

Prayers to the heavens,
I quickly rejoice of the
sharing of love , as 
we both made that 

Hold me forever, 
don't let me go, 
I cherish the memories
always new like the 
white fallen snow. 

Precious each day,
I cherish them so
as I am there in
your heart where
ever you go. 

Happy New Year 

I make no promise
only a plea that 
you will be with me
for eternity. 

Like a dream that 
waits to come true,
I close my eyes and
dream of me and you. 

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