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Pictorial Prose
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Tuesday, December 04, 2012

On a clear day, I can...

The gift of happiness... kind memories, warm thoughts, special moments, loving you.  

 The lessons of life are like a physics class, a little difficult  at first, but when pieced together reveals a journey in succession. 

To touch a heart
and embrace a soul. 
Head on shoulder,
holds still the moment. 
Rereading the book of life, 
I would like to burn a few pages,
rather than turning them. 

I learned to touch the flesh is memorable, 
to touch the heart an enlightening 
experience for both 
mind and soul. 
I will never say goodbye,
that way I can hold you 
forever in my heart. 
"Location, location, location,"
said earth to the sun. 

To feel the rain, catch the first snowflake,
walk by your side, sleep in your arms, 
awaken in your heart. 

To no longer feel,
is to live in denial.
The swirling of souls, 
the mystery unveiled. 
To live on love,
is to comfort the heart
and feed the soul, 
while completing the journey.

If you can flood a heart with tears,
you can drain it dry with the 
warm rays of love. 
See forever, forever in your arms, heart and soul. 

We are born with it all, to nurture the love,
is to watch it grow. 
Some people sow negativity, 
tills deeper and reseeds 
with love. 


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