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Pictorial Prose
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Sunday, December 09, 2012

Good Night

Laughter and tears are synonymous,
I have laughed till I cried 
and cried till I laughed. 

There is a little more revealed with each passing day,like the treasure of love in a well orchestrated ballet.Wisdom spoke in riddles and your kindness made a play,for the road to happiness was truly never far away.

You found a place forever deep within my heart, filling the voids you gave light to the dark. I have learned on this journey what friendship truly means, as you share with me your forever love and the magic of dreams.

 I count my blessings as I renew my faith, that this journey is only starting and we are on a good pace. We have got a lot to do and even more to see, as we travel down the road recording new memories.

When you took my hand,
 I freely gave you my heart.

Respect and trust...no greater gift.

The meeting of souls,
the bonding of hearts. 


I wake each morning to the warmth of your love, 
as I watch in the horizon the rising of the sun. 
Your love is so refreshing and it means so much 
to me, to know that I love you and you have 
returned that love to me. 

We stood in battle and we fought the evil down, 
like a blanket of stardust we spread our love around. 
When we are together I am reminded we are one, 
joined heart to heart and bound with our special love. 


In the garden of love, 
we reap what we sow,
sowed love, reaped happiness. 

With you life is not a chapter
but a journey down forever's lane. 
You are not in my heart, 
as we merged one to one, 
you are my heart. 

The reflection reveals 
peace within your arms. 

Love is like a flower,
always set to display another bloom. 

Here the distance has no power, 
the mountains but a grain of sand,
the road was quickly shortened 
the ocean bridged on demand.

Visual the images of the love you 
give to me and wonderful the dreams, 
on this path through life you strolling,
side by side next to me.

I am reminded that love 
is never ending. 


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