Pictorial Prose

Pictorial Prose
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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

In the night...

I could feel the heaviness
as if love was in the air,
when I reached into the
darkness, it was my
heart that you pulled
you near.

Surrounded by serenity,
peace was not to fear,
as my soul bonded
with yours to bring
about a love to share.

The night was filled with
silence, only my heart
beat could be heard and
when I listened closely
my emotion seem to

This is my forever,
I know it very well,
formed like the stars
in the heavens and
far from the gates
of hell.

The night cast in darkness
and a rainbow can still
be seen reflections of
our love and the magic
that it brings.

So great a love, 
it bridges the sea,
to unite our souls. 


Sends you a kiss 
to remind you of my love for you. 
Sends you my love....

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