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Monday, January 04, 2016

Finding Peace

The line between all possibilities
is in accepting the limits of our capabilities.
Finding peace is in the ability
to look within oneself.
I find it a waste to measure our time on earth
when our spiritual eternity is limitless.
It was once said during war" I came, I saw, I conquered"
I want to be known for I felt, I  loved, I lived.
Adjusting to the darkness gives one more insight.
To be able to give and receive love is an immeasurable experience
worthy of the purest of hearts and yet a opportunity granted to all
who dare to exchange the emotions that exude from within the soul.

Loving you has tapped that of my inner peace,
for you are the warmth of love that overcomes
all the barriers that time and distance can place
upon two souls.

Faith that all is possible through love.

The detailed path scripted from somewhere other than the heavens,
that is until the detour redirected and our hearts collided into one union.


It was as the sun was setting
that I realized I had no power
over yesterday.

I don't think God picks and chooses who to help,
for he gave us knowledge above all to choose
our own path.

My heaven is in loving you.

It is a waste of time to fear the inevitable ...

It was the clearest of nights
with each star bringing me
that much more closer to

From my heart a whisper it
breaks the barriers silence made,
the words of love in repetition
softly repeats your name.

From my soul a story,
the journey we travel each day
each step is closer to you
like a magnet drawing me your

The silence is haunting,
as if our love gave it a voice,
shivers to awaken the soul
in the absence of your embrace.

Weeps this lonely of heart mine,
wanting to be there with you,
I lay here in the dark of night
once more daydreaming a day
with you.

My heart belongs to you
it was yours from day one,
like the sun rays upon the
mountains, I feel the warmth
of your sweet love.


Unseasonable weather,
each day like that of spring,
your love warms my heart
and makes each day fill like
a dream.

From my lips the simple words,
the angels of love returned.

As long as you know I love you...

I like the chapters on love and happiness,
tears and heartache not so much.

It is when you try to make sense of
everything that you realize that
nothing makes any sense at all.

It is the little moments
that mean so much,
sharing smiles.


Wipe a tear,
view a smile,
touch a heart
embrace a soul,
share a life.

I looked at the snow and I saw a mixture of
bitter cold and beauty...tis is life.

I am not sure if it's the unexpected
or circumstance that I despise most.


Life does not come with a guarantee
or a refund policy.

Making Bread takes a little work
and patience but doesn't everything?

Not everyone understands the concept of love,
the unconditional devotion that embraces the soul.


Some people get through life void of responsibility
...must be nice.


When life seems impossible,
that is when I most view the power of love.

The best part of the Willy Wonka  Movie is that grandpa spent his life in bed,
today that sounds like an option.
Chapters of Love

Under the blanket,
come snuggle with me
and I'll tell you a story
as if it were a dream.

From my soul the words
emotionally expressed
of the union of two
and I don't jest.

This special moment
an embrace from a far,
fell from the heavens
landing in my heart.

Warms my being
with happiness and glee,
like a star that twinkles
so does the memories.

Take me in your heart
and hold me tenderly,
with whispers of love
a jolt of warm spring.

Two hearts together,
souls joined as one
and the rest my darling
are the chapters of love.

Emotional Investment

Banking on your love
for dark and rainy days,
a little bit of sunshine
warms the gray away.

Explosion of the heart
filled with deep desire, 
a touch to my inner soul
in a love that never tires.

I am emotionally invested
my heart is here for you,
filled with tears and laughter
each day is something new.


My heart records
each day of love
stronger and stronger
a gift from above.

Cotton candy sweetness
your love I devour
a taste of happiness
consumed by the hour.



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