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Pictorial Prose
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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Sweet Love

To touch a heart and have your heart touched
is entirely the power of love.
Eighteen inches of snow is falling , which gives me way to much time to think. In a short period of time my mind can span from my early youth to the present. Like a sponge we are our surroundings. Negative energy can send us to places we would rather not explore and just the opposite, positive energy  can make the impossible, possible. I find myself a bit emotional today, not necessarily in a good or bad way. I  would say that the pages of life are flowing as our hearts write the next chapter.
and joy,
These are the
gifts our souls
tears of
the heart.
The moment your
sweetness fell
from the stars.
Gently touching
this heart of mine
in away that empowers
each moment in time.
Feeling your love
reach out to me
inspiring the script
of my nightly dreams.
There I find you
arms opened wide,
pulling me close
right by your side.
The magical moment,
where two become one,
that is the power of
our sweet love.

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