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Sunday, January 24, 2016


Well I was going to write about caring and compassion which are the various tools of love and how important they are in a relationship. How magical that understanding and ability to sense the needs of another is. But I thought not to be so deep and go with a little laughter.
I was putting all my decorations from the holidays away. Usually the children and I would go to the tree farm for a Christmas tree but this year with them all grown up I put up an artificial tree. As I had most everything packed except for the Christmas tree, I called my son into help. I asked if he would take the boxes up to the attic and put the Christmas tree away. He carefully took the boxes to the attic and then called me to hold the door. I asked him what he was doing? He said" I am putting the tree on the porch" We usually put the live tree on the porch and than take it down for either the birds or back to the wood room for starting the fire. I figured not to yell at him as I was grateful he had taken the boxes to the attic. Little later in the day I looked out at the porch to see several birds perched in my artificial tree. I am not sure how to tell him that the needles don't fall off the fake  trees and that we don't toss them away each year. Which brings me to another thought, common sense is not to common.
 But on a good note I look back at the experience in life with gratitude. Not that everything was positive in nature but that everything indeed comes with a lesson. Sometimes painful and my favorite ones a delight.  Right now enjoying some very positive memories, thinking of you.

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