Pictorial Prose

Pictorial Prose
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Sunday, January 31, 2016

With You

I can race the river
to the mighty sea and
challenge the mountains
via my dreams.

I have the treasures
of a million kings and queens
as I have your love and
that is enough for me.

Like the flowers in the garden
and the rose that waits to bloom,
with you I have the sunshine
and the skies so blue.


I woke up in song,
the music from my soul
as I reached into the darkness
and felt your tender hold.

Gentle your kisses
wonderful your embrace
to challenge the miles
in our special place.

No tears allowed
nor heartache or despair,
with you there is only
love from two hearts
that dared to share.


Souls woven together
feel the magic of energy, 
happiness or sadness
or sharing a dream.

The heavens waiting,
the clouds in the sky
sent and invitation
for you and I.

Nothing between us,
heart to heart as one,
the feelings that we
share are the gifts
of love.

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