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Pictorial Prose
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Friday, January 29, 2016

The Souls Reflection

The music belongs to everyone and a poem has unlimited interpretations
and yet we retain a uniqueness in the individuality of our soul.
Like riding a rollercoaster from beginning to end,
our memories transformed by the characters imposed upon us...some call this fate.
The snow upon the hills reveals
 that there are more shades of gray than I first thought.
How is it that the heart can be heard the loudest
in the depths of silence?
Love gives you the ability to see and feel
when darkness is abound.
The gregarious spirit seeks
a companion of both heart and soul.
The heaviest weights that restrict
the soul are never actually seen or felt,
but never the less exist within our consciousness.
My favorite color is pink,
green, blue, yellow, red and white
in every shade and hue.
I was born before Dr.Seuss books,
life doesn't always have rhyme and reason.
I can relate to " Gulliver in Gulliver's Travels"
Angels don't always have wings.
I over slept, because dreaming myself in
your arms is currently better than waking up
to Molly's whiskers tickling my cheek.
Each breath a documentation,
an unwritten script of life,
from whence our souls bonded
and the journey began its flight.
The ability to understand and
comfort the spirit and mind
with a simple sharing of love
to persuade this heart of mine.
No exotic islands
nor castles in the air,
this open invitation
is where two souls
reveal how much
they care.
My heart is indeed open
and enter if you will
for I promise to keep
you close till the hands
of time stand still.
Gaze upon the mountains
and glance out at the sea,
the blue sky above us and
deep within your dreams.
This is the souls reflection
it is in everything you see,
from earth to the heavens
there is a part of you and me.

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