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Pictorial Prose
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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Good Night Sweet Darling Good Night

Sings >I'm gonna let the world know
how  much I love you so,
writing poetry and prose
documenting that you're
 my beau.

I 'm gonna sing out loud
so everyone can hear
what is in my heart to share,
how much I really care.

I'm gonna go to sleep
just to dream you next to me,
feel your heart in a rhythmic beat,
court the sweetest memories.

I'm gonna  say good night
hold you for the rest of my life,
under the stars in the blue sky
and the moon beams of light.

I'm gonna stay here for awhile,
with the visions of our smiles
as we bridge the many miles
and do it in our own unique


Good night,
sweet darling,
good night.

My heart is
where you'll

Good night,
sweet darling,
good night.

We are only
a dream

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