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Pictorial Prose
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Thursday, January 14, 2016

Listen To My Heart

Shadows on the window
they perpetuate a time ,
as the ice is melting
it leaves a mystical design.

The season is deceiving,
warm and cold and warm,
as I think it has come to and
end we meet with another

Negativity was heavy
as I tried to move away
once more into your arms I
lay each and every day.

The sun reveals the magic
of the love between you and I,
as my heart is filled with a warmth
that ignites this soul of mine.

The words are simply notations
as a reminder of how I feel,
when you share with me your love
my heart for a second stands still.

I feel the draw of the heavens above,
like a magnet it pulls me to your love.
My heart shaken reaches out for you
as my soul once more takes to the blue.

The Lord knows of our many needs
and all that we have to do is believe.
The sun will shine and the moon glow
and the love in our hearts will continue
to grow.

You unlocked the gate
that held my soul at bay
releasing the happiness
that once only dreams

I can feel it in my spirit
as you take me by the hand
and lead me to our special
place where there are no

My love for you eternal,
no judgment does it make,
it took the word forever
and our love it conveyed.

It might sound a bit crazy,
this love I have for you
as I close my eyes I am
meeting on the clouds
in the blue.

Your embrace is unique
as it is meant for me alone
and nothing can change
what my heart has always


Overthinking complicates the obvious.

Magic moments when tears are happiness.

Our brain is a file cabinet that stores memories,
when overloaded I remove the negative ones
to make room for the positive.

My heart screams in silence...


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