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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Winter Optimism

I have generally been an optimistic person. I don't know where that positive nature got me in life, but I always seem to be able to weather a storm. Sometimes minor issues and occasionally a few major issues surface that one might find themselves caught in the middle of the Lords stand up comedy routine.
I had to drop my son off for school this morning, which was a quick reminder how much I love winter. With the temperatures in single digit, the day began. Though the house is really cold it is quite warm under the blankets. I raced to the kitchen for a cup of hot tea I tripped over a box of holiday decorations that didn't quite make it to the attic yet, but on a good note I wasn't seriously hurt. I had woke with a headache and reached for Excedrin, which I must say I have a sick stomach from the medicine but my headache went away. I ran back and crawled under the blankets you know for one of those fifteen minute naps to "hey mum wake up! We are late.!" Joy there fifteen minutes turned into an hour and fifteen minutes. Heading out the door the path had this light coating of snow , which seemed rather harmless. I raced along and whooooops not knowing I slid on the ice, the bad news was I looked down to torn jeans, bruised and scraped knee,  the good news was it wasn't my old injured knee that had succumb to other injuries. I made it to the car to find my keys locked inside , which had me running down the path and up the stairs for the spare set of keys. I was a little more cautious and aware that , the weather not looking to bad was indeed dangerous. The weather was incredibly cold but yeah you know the good news...yeah my car heater works. Of course as I thawed out I began to now feel the pain from the previous fall and my fingers though warming were going through the transitional thaw and could almost be pried from the steering wheel.
The previous week the roads were so icy that I found myself caught in traffic with all the cars losing control in the snow on a good note I am here to write about it. So as I started down the road I was thrilled that the roads were relatively dry. I was blinded a few times by the amazing brightness of the sun and thought how deceiving. How can the sun be so bright and it be so darn cold out? Ahhh, the thrill of a cold winter day. Though we have to admit we have made it to mid January without to much snow and unusually warm temperatures and of course " spring is just around the corner." Ah yes the vision of crocus providing us with the first blooms of the season and the bee's pollinating gave me a sense of warmth. It seems we go through life chasing the seasons and wanting what is around the corner. Ummm though I don't actually remember waiting for winter except when you are a child and wanting to play in the snow. I try to hold on to that child like quality that once allowed us to find the joy in every day through every season. What actually changes as we get older? Well I don't have to remind you that our bodies react a little different to the winter season. I enjoyed the holidays with my family but it is pretty much like work, you are on a high and everything is possible and then you come a down little and need that time to recuperate...ahhh so that what this past week was and here I thought was taking Big Bear lessons and practicing winter hibernation.
I kind of look at life and the various experiences as lessons that taught us something or encouraged the development of character. Days became years and years wrote more chapter in the book of life.  Sometimes the optimism paid off, something good always coming out of something bad. Okay I might be stretching this a little, but I do believe some of us are just born into the survival mode. Which brings us to the 10/90 rule, life is ten percent what happens to you and ninety percent how you react to it. Now this is where the problem sets in , do you react with your heart or with your mind or do you find a happy medium between the two?  Yeah I am not sure who wrote the 10/90 rule but I think life has occasionally been 90/10 lot going down and reaction slow on the draw or my usual waiting till I am backed in the corner.  There are no two situations that are identical, they may have similarities but never the less, we all have our own script to follow or our own prints to leave in the sand.
I pretty much spent the day hauling my son back and forth to school and well  it was just what I needed to get myself up and moving. When you put all of life into perspective, you find there is no measurement to a persons trails. There are some people who have an awful lot to deal with and I wonder where they get the strength. I guess when you get down to it , everyone has a journey, chapters and a book of blank pages waiting to be filled.
Going about the day reluctant to get my work done and casually forgetting where I put everything as well as having a few other pre-senior moments, I am reminded that age is a state of mind. So about now I feel like a sixteen year old in a hundred year old woman's body. Shivers as I type and think well for all the crazy that has happened in my life , just maybe it's the payoff or as they say"paying the piper" but if it weren't for circumstance, I might not be writing this and we might never have met and I may never have gotten the chance to experience love, dance on clouds, smile and laugh and feel the joy that the merging of two hearts provides us with. To feel your love is worth walking on hot coals, I could have done without the devil by my side, but as they say sometimes you have to experience the negative to more appreciate the positive.

Smiles and laughter
and a joy to behold,
whenever you are near
we are never grow old.

Our love is special
this much I know,
as I carry it with me
wherever I go.

Like the sun in the morn
and the moon at night,
your love is like a star
shining so bright.

Kept for safe keeping
tucked away in my heart
your love the treasure
my soul charts.

Simple reminders
are everywhere,
your love the magic
that fills the air.

Keep love in your heart
and allow for it to feel,
remember each and every
moment we have ever

Passionate embraces
in the magic of life,
you touched my soul
and freed it to take

Summer time rainbows,
that never fade away
bridging our souls
gives meaning to the day.

Keep love in your heart
and allow for it to feel,
remember each and every
moment we have ever

There is a strength
I feel within my soul,
a touch of your love
that rids life of the cold.

Gives a new meaning
to the words of hope and faith,
makes the journey easier
when we lock heart to heart
each day.

I feel the peace within me from
the gift of love you give me,
blooming like a spring flower
I have got a magical love power.

The dreams a portal to the heart
where we can share from a far,
you're always there with me
that much is true, all I need to
do is gaze up at the blue.

The silence took to singing
as sweet music filled the air,
played on these hearts of ours
love is what we have to share.

There is no need for explanation,
as time is indeed in charge and
it chose the very moment when
we would unite from a far.


Some people say
love is but a game,
but in all reality
it's the heart in flames.

Burning with passion
and a deep desire
to reclaim the moment
and make it ours.

You're in my heart,
with every beat I feel,
the warmth of your love
on a much larger scale.

I have got the notion
that you understand
how much I love you
in the day to day plan.


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