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Pictorial Prose
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Thursday, May 14, 2009

and when the music stops...

Had it not been for the detours of life,  

I would not have been directed

 the long way around and

 into your arms. 

Accept the moment and explore the possibilities!


Our response to life reveals our inner spirit. 


The beauty of a memory is in the retelling of a story.


Love is an infusion, absorbed by the heart

 and filtered through the soul. 


Good morning little blue bird, hello Carolina wren,

 the hollow came to life when I found my friend. 

My heart began to skip and dance in the blue of the sky,

as the music plays from the heavens high. 

The hills in shades of every color green, painted 

the hollow in an awesome spring.

I didn't see a rainbow, the sun a blinding light,

and yet the treasures of my life were still in sight.

The view was on the mountain and in the reflection of

the stream, the celebration of what you mean to me. 


Mark said...

Excellent thoughts! Love these!

Rachel C Miller said...

There is a very fine line in bringing a sense of peace and balance. Walks the tight and narrow... don't look down.