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Saturday, May 30, 2009

I Can Dream..

I always believed there was a certain amount of peace that is attainable by bringing a sense of balance to life. In my youth my goals were rather simple, to live within the guidelines set by my soul. I thought my goals were quite within reach and that I could achieve it by making steps forward one at a time. I compared the depth of my thinking from the various periods of my life and the one consistent property that I battled for was structure. My life had detoured from the goals I preset for myself, as I continued on a journey aloof of my dreams. 

The journey had become a part of the process of developing the mind. What appeared to be inequitable decisions along the path,  in themselves became lessons leading the spirit in various directions. Again I thought about my goals and what was attainable. What is it I truly seek to accomplish or experience? There were the obvious that the outsiders viewed, such as house, children, etc. I saw very little of the material things in life to be an accomplishment, that which I seek is the inner peace that quiets the soul. 

Each morning I open my eyes to the visions which brings clarity to my life.  My thoughts surrounded with the images of the beauty of love. There is a certain amount of energy that is absorbed and it performs as it directs through a motivational course. Guided by love, I challenge each waking moment as I explore the possibilities of such a powerful devotion to the emotions created from pure love. 

There are the obvious sequence of events which literally become the stepping stones throughout life. In one aspect, the journey would be incomplete with out each experience and the adjustments necessary to stand back and view and again alter the plan or the bigger picture.  

There has always been the variables, the clusters of survival of the moment, kind of like a paradox, one which leads to happiness and struggles through a certain amount of sadness. The key is in removing the anchors which were so heavily placed within the journey. It is those who choose to companion with the soul, who have the ability to unlock the path of destiny and release the energy of the spirit. 

I Can Dream

It doesn't take a river to flow my love to you, I can dream about tomorrow and all that we can make come true. If balance be the master than the blue sky is for two, a little bit for me and a little bit for you. I am confident we'll make it, the reality is a blaze as our hearts merge together to create the ultimate flame. There is no fear where you are concerned, I am focusing on the fire, as I gaze into your heart it gives to life the power.

My gratitude is for the happiness you bring, you taught my heart to laugh again, you taught my soul to sing. I  surface beyond the dark of night and the morning gray and with your love I dance and dance until I have danced the day away. Extending my hand, come and walk with me, we'll make it over the mountains, we'll brace for the rough of the sea, we'll challenge every moment,  through all that life can bring. The dance upon the heavens, to feel your warm embrace, to love you forever and on your soul my love i'll  trace. 


It's been said that everyday can't be lived in a state of romance. Romance isn't something we desire to create, it is the souls display of emotion. It's smiling at the sunshine, dancing in the wind, the kiss of life from the moment you walked in. The wonder of your embrace, the magic of your smile, the happiness you bring me from across the miles. 

I went for my morning stroll down to ten mile creek, as usual I took my camera to capture the beauty of nature. I stopped for the first photograph to only find that I had forgotten the chip. At first I was disappointed in that I wouldn't be able to share all that I was experiencing in the early morning, until I stopped and took in all the sites through the many senses. 

Even before I caught sight of the delicately cascading wild roses as they arched from the lower branches of the elm trees, I was enthralled by the heirloom fragrance. The soft sweet smell of the wild roses had a seduction of its own,one that seem to summon me closer as my mind felt the calming of the moment. 

 A pair of mating ducks nestled amongst the new season of dancing cattail in the wind, their long stems snapping back and forth.. The ducks startled let out a call and took flight to the cloudless blue sky. The further I walked, the closer to paradise I became. The air was  filled with the sounds of the migrating song birds and the kiss of the suns rays,peace had surfaced. A few of the song birds chose the shrubs near the reservoir to build their nest, other birds high atop the trees could only be identified by the beauty of  their sweet song.

 I sat on the log down by the water, fish were jumping and the kingfisher perched on a branch over the waters, waiting the time to dive in for his prey. The train hummed from a near distance and the melodic sounds of nature came together in a symphony like performance, one that echoed the beauty of life. 

As I started for the return back home, I had realized all that we encompass becomes a part of the experience, from the extension of memories to the hope for the future. I gathered the visions, the sounds and the touch to my soul and stored it in my heart to retrieve at any moment. 


No one can bring us happiness they can only 

encourage the release of the magic from within.


I had this dream, the characters vivid and yet I can't bring forward the actions as it is both distant and close. I was outside my comfort zone in a place I had never been. The quality was not surreal, but had a clarity in the sense that it was and everyday moment in a not so everyday place. It was as if my deepest secrets and the passion of my love was placed in a setting that I could sense beyond the dream itself.  

The dream enabled me to bring you closer and share not only my day but the magic of our love...I needed your love, I needed to feel your touch, I needed you beside me and the dreams of love brought the dance floor from the heavens, so that I could whispers the words, I love you so very much. 


Sings>I heard the song of love in the air, I heard the words, I love you dear. The sun has set and the moon we can find as the stars take their place in the blue of the sky. I felt the magic that comes from life, the spells of love cast from morning through night. I see just how life can be as long as your here to journey with me. 

I heard the song of love in the air, I heard the words, I love you dear. The sun has set and the moon we can find, as the stars take their place in the blue of the sky. Dreams are a tool of the heart , to bridge the love from afar. It closes the distance as it brings you near and does it all with out one trait of fear. 

I heard the song of love in the air, I heard the words, I love you dear. The sun has set and the moon we can find, as the stars take their place in the blue of the sky. No tears in darkness, no sorrow you'll find as I hold to this moment in time. My pillow fluffed for you and I as we embrace with heart soul and mind. 

I heard the song of love in the air, I heard the words, I love you dear. The sun has set and the moon we can find, as the stars take their place in the blue of the sky. Close your eyes and I'll kiss you goodnight, hold me close and allow your heart the sight. Only love like ours can see the beauty of every magical dream

GOOD NIGHT MY LOVE, romancing with passion empowers

 the dreams to bring you as close as my best memory. 


Mark said...

Your words, your love and your visions move me deeply. Romance is a state of emotional being and it is amazing how magical our lives can be if we open and allow.

Rachel C Miller said...

What at first felt like survival became away of life. I am happy that my expression of love through the written words move you.
I can only say that all of me the child, the student and the woman appreciates your lovely comments.

Thank You Mark