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Pictorial Prose
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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My Soul On Canvas

I felt the need to get away, hold my hand and we'll challenge the day. We'll climb up the mountains high, so we can get a clear view of the blue sky. The sun shines through the thicket of trees, as it reflects down upon the muddy stream. The gift of life I share with you, is seen on the earth from the mighty blue. The heron feeding on a creek chub and a frog sitting on a rock waiting for his love. Everything takes on a different hue, the moment I share my life with you.

I have had a fear of heights since I can remember, fear or I just didn't like it. The little red wildflowers are called pinks and they like the rock cliff edges above the hollow to put on their spring display. Each year I climb a little higher and I get a little closer to the edge to get a view of the flowers and reinforce a sort of courage to do more and be more. I walked close to the edge and I felt a bit dizzy, I thought to myself, " don't look down" . I needed this time away, the sun always seems to shine a little brighter and feel a warmer as you leave the hollow. I thought that statement was true in many ways, the further I escape spiritually or physically from the hollow, the more energy I gather, an energy that both warms my spirit and guides in a positive direction.

I wasn't sure what was more beautiful, the field of Dogwood in bloom or the blue of the sky with those soft cotton clouds which seem to stand still awaiting our dance. I than realized that neither were separate from one another, they were layers, one upon the other. The beauty of the mountians is comparable to a new day of love. You can take the layers away one by one and the changes become a reflection of the steps it takes to grow in love.

Springs renewal brings the colors to life.
This is one of my get away places where I sit back and take in my surroundings, it is a step away from the rest of the world. It is also a place of confusion as this special place was slightly altered by the actions of a weakened spirit. Takes back the beauty of the hills and creates new memories.
The beauty transforms the moment life is shared,
 thus creating our heaven. 

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