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Pictorial Prose
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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

One day when the sunrises...

I traced upon my pillow the letters of your name
and framed it with all my love to keep the magic

Scripted by the heavens, sent down onangels wings,
to introduce the heart and soul through the use of
kindred dreams.

Comforted by your memory, embraced with all your love,
the tenderness of the moment joined our hearts into one.

Powerful the emotion, amazing as can be, recording
every moment you shared with me.

Water flows through the river, its aim is out to sea,
my heart overflows with happiness from just one memory.

The wind changes direction no longer to the sea, the waves
rush to shore as my soul begins to sing.

The melody and enchantment of haunting memories,
taught my soul to hold to faith in a song we have yet to sing.

My eyes tear of loneliness and your love wiped each tear away,
as joy and happiness is all that shall remain.

~My heart was an empty vessel, no direction and no lead,until you placed your love aboard and set my soul free. ~Love is and unwritten combination, waiting to be unlocked. No words escape my lips, each written word is from the heart, directed the soul. ~... I shall move gently into your arms and feel the warmth of your embrace... my promise.Love is an extraordinary energy generated by desire on a platform of respect.
The True Essence of Love

If love is merely an emotion that the heart and soul capitalize on, than the same would be true for hate. What initiates the emotions of love to step in gear and flow through the heart? The Intense energy is generated by the visual and internal response to survival. Our need for companionship is ranked high, as we are aware of our social skills and our desire to share in the moment as it compliments our being.

Love is extremely powerful and in is true state it is capable of creating miracles of a sort. In the land of romance, it is known to be able to close the gap of distance, branch out in a state of euphoria, bring clarity or confusion to the mind.

On this very limited journey which we call life, we find we are confronted with many emotions. It is the simplicity which is guided by right and wrong which leads up either to a state of happiness or turmoil. Can you imagine or one moment if people considered the statement " if you think it is, it is" In reference to how we express ourselves and what it is we want to feel in

In the most magical of moments, there is no judgment, no age, no sadness, and through these moments we actually get to experience the simplified beauty and joy of love. I believe when like minds come together, the heart simply follows, it is not about a collection of choices it is about the comfort and excitement that comes when souls engage.


When I said I love you and you said you love me too
... at that moment I knew our love would remain true.

That which brought the most amount of joy is seen
through the soul and felt by the heart.... hold my hand.
Each day of the month, each month of a year, compounded my dreams to bring your love here. I wished and I waited and the time flew by as I dreamt of your arms under the blue of the sky.


Mark said...

Joyous writing! Love how you express that which is written on your heart. Yes, when two like souls come together there is a magic, a time of being that is the most real because we are experiencing life and love in the moment and this is how all of are moments are to be lived.

Rachel C Miller said...

Smiling! Happy and filled with gratitude.

Anonymous said...

It's a secret..shhh