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Pictorial Prose
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Thursday, May 21, 2009

life and love on an amazing journey.

The dreams a doorway to hearing the beat 
of your heart and the sweetness of your embrace.

Every song echos your love.. heart and soul, 
I fell in love with you heart and soul.

Love fuels the heart with an absolute, to pleasure the heavens as we dance upon the blue. I return to you the experience found within the dream, the affection a strong reminder of what you mean to me. Intense are the emotions, ineffable desire as actions take center stage and feed each passing hour. Passion for the intimacy that the flesh might never know and surely for the love within that continues to grow. 
It is from the center of my being where the words first took command and announced the joy and mystic of a love which blankets over all the lands. Powerful are the motions, magical indeed as they lift the spirit beyond the tales of a common fantasy. I recognize the beauty it is with me when I awake and I fear if I open up my eyes the joy of love might fade. Saturated by desire, caught up in the dream it gives me hope that yesterday will encompass tomorrows spring. 
I laughed as I was introduced at the farmers market as Rachel, aka Autumn. I have met so many people I have begun to lose track of conversations and names etc. I am amazed at those who relish in the moment and carry it on to our tomorrow. I think there is a split in all of our personalities, rejoices as they come together to strengthen the spirit and fill the gaps of weakness. Rachel seeks the comfort of simplicity and Autumn she reached for the shore and walked the sand leaving behind a trail that documents the rise beyond the struggles. 

I feel your presence in all that I do and have felt
 your strength lift me to the celestial heavens. 

In celebration of our unity I rejoice that we are...

La la la I Love You

The words are written for all to see but the song of love is for you and me. Sings so that the mountains bow to our demands, as we embrace across all the lands.

 Sings>Place your fingers to my lips, feel the vibration of my kiss.My love for you, can be seen from sun lit mornings, through the midnight blue.

La la la sings the heart, la la la sings the soul,
la la la my darling, la la la I love you. 

Hold me close, don't let go,my heart beats for you, this much you must know. It was yours from the first day, you chased the darkness away. Hold me close, don't let go as I whisper I love you so, hold me close my darling, hold me close.

La la la sings the heart, la la la sings the souls,
la la la my darling , la la la  I love you.
Here in my heart is where the dreams are found,
as we dance in the heavens on the white puffy clouds.

My lips whispered of love,
 my heart embraced the beauty
 as my soul danced in your embrace. 
I love you so much...In the depth of my dreams, in the dark of night, when the stars in the sky shine. Each breath I take exhales to you a reminder of my love. In the depth of my dreams, in the dark of night, when the stars in the sky shine. I sing my darling of our everlasting love.

... till the end of this journey.

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Ariadne Green said...

In celebration of unity as the last line remarks is the exact state of ecstasy when one at last joins with their Divine Complement. That unity is hidden in a dimension of the heart called the Bridal Chamber. By touching the signature in the bridal chamber one returns to the innocence of a playful dance in the harmony of God.
Hope you will read my latest book,
Divine Complement: The Spiritual Terrain of Soulmate Relationships.