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Pictorial Prose
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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Beyond Average

Standing atop the mountains,
windmills in place and my
heart is beating as my
memories are traced.

Into the dreams that bring
you near an  escape into that
special place that you and
I have magically shared.

If today the rainbow never takes to the sky
and the sun above the clouds has to say goodbye,
than I'll whisper to the winds to send to you
my love, encapsulated forever in the stars above.

Nothing could be more meaningful or wonderful
to me than the memories of love and the magic
of our dreams. The road laced with heartache and
fear, till I reached out once more and felt your love near.

If today found me on the last page of the book and
the words were all written and the chapters all took,
I'd take the clouds and rearrange them so, that every
time someone gazed upon the heavens our love would

I am not afraid but sad am I that life is shortened and
that everything must die.Left behind are memories
and all that love can do, as time the greater challenge
and all that is left will be the blue.


I am on a carousel , spinning around,
memories of yesterday are all that is found.
My hopes and my dreams soon fading away,
as I am lost in a moment of an ordinary day.

Once Mr G said " God is for the weak" But I say who is so smart and so strong that they know everything.


There is no such thing as an average moment,
each is unique in that tomorrow can quickly
swallow it up.

I promised I would never cry
and yet somehow tears fall.
Love is not something one can own,
but love is what one can experience.

I have felt the ugliness of control
and the beauty of freedom.
You can never lose love, though time may change and people age , the experience of love becomes an integral part of who we are. We are like a flower that blooms waiting on another moment to show off our beauty. Like a star that is infinite for once touched is eternal. Like a dream that awaits the night.

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