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Pictorial Prose
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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Companions of a place in time

This is what I know,
nothing lives forever,
but maybe a cockroach.

The grass only stays
green if you continue
to water it.

That the stars are infinite,
the more of them you
count the more there is
to count.

That is wonderful to love
but even better when that
person can love you back.

Every person we come in
contact with walks away
with a part of us, lets
hope its a part worth
walking away with.

The older you get,
the more your perspective
changes. What was once
important lacks the
necessary element
of necessity.

I still want to wake up
being loved, but it's not
so important that I would
change or give up who I
am to have it.

Dreams are like a vehicle to
takes us to places we might
never get a chance to visit.

Thinking you can is the first
step to knowing you can, but
doing it is crucial, whether you
fail or succeed.

Experience is the great lessons
of life, without it we are merely
empty souls.

I would have rather cried , felt
sorrow and heartache than
than to have never challenged

Everything is disposable, what we
find of importance means very little
to those we leave behind.

Treasures are meaningless unless
someone wants what you have,
other than that its just an object.

I would rather laugh and cry
than walk through life blinded
and without emotion.

Once you find love, nothings
compares , but than again you
shouldn't go around comparing.

I don't write so others read, I
document so others don't forget.

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