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Saturday, November 06, 2010

Autumn Snow

I turned to look out the window and to my surprise I got a glimpse of Autumn Snow. The child in me looked on amazed at the intricate frosted flakes as they hit the window and melted. In some ways the changing of the seasons document the triumph that comes from the embrace of life. I smiled and I giggled as I turned with a smile and yelled to everyone " It's snowing!" To that there were a few grumbling sounds or a mumble that said " I hate snow". As much as I am not a winter person, I can't help but celebrate this most monumental moment. I have known for a long time that the magic of life and the changing of the seasons is most celebrated when shared. I couldn't wait to tell you, to share in the moment.
I kept rather busy today, up early and preparing for the winter events. As the day went on and the temperatures warmed the glorious white powdery puffs of snow turned to a more rambunctious down poor of chilled rain. The seasons just like time itself stands stills for no one. Each second that passes is part of the cause and effect scenario. We are affected in ways that we really don't always understand till at the moment. The final result is actually the growth of our experiences.
To this very day I have found the unknown to be filled with time riddled moments of anxiety and suspense. I can't say that I enjoy that restlessness that aggressively grips at my inner spirit.  It is at this time where  the thought of placing my head on your shoulders, closing my eyes and listening to your heart beat brings a comfort that I can only imagine.
The season of Autumn is quite fickle indeed and as I write it has gone from snow to rain and hail to sunshine. My emotions are much the same, I went through an array of emotion awfully quick.With thoughts of you I smiled, with the first Autumn Snow I laughed, with the unknown I felt fear and with the distance I wiped a tear.


My heart pounding and my stomach in knots and
yet as crazy it may sound with my eyes closed I feel
the warmth of your love brush up against my soul
 and fill my heart.

With the moons rule of the night sky, I find myself closer than ever to you,as the moon beams cast light upon the darkness, they also bring you ever so ever near.  In truth that which blankets like the stars of the heaven upon the earth also keeps us  warm and safe as we share in the magic of love.


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