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Pictorial Prose
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Thursday, November 04, 2010

I LOVE YOU - Celine Dion ( lyrics )

Sing> I'm watching the rain,
listening to the wind like a
violin playing.

I'm lost in the hills,
mesmerized by the trees,
as the leaves are falling.

I'm caught in the dream,
amazed as your love unfolds
before me.

I'm smiling at the blue,
thinking of you smiling

Every time I move forward on the road of vulnerability, I find myself trembling like a child as he teeters with his first steps. There is a fine blend of emotions that arise with the new challenges that await. The confidence that I can is meshed with the insecurities that the unknown can bring. It is a new beginning to and end, where yesterday becomes a mere memory and I branch out on a level beyond my comfort zone. Like eggs scrambled on a breakfast platter, it seems as if everything does come together for the visuals sense of the moment.

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