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Monday, November 01, 2010

When You Wish Upon A Star

It might be that it is that time of year and I remember the moment, it was as if a sheet of glass separated our worlds. I could feel the rigid hard pane of the sliding glass door and though we were connected by voice our worlds were indeed miles a part. The conversation had to do with dreams, the stars in the sky and the magic of life. At that moment the voice in song filled the room, "Yes Rachel, dreams do come true."
I had this conversation Saturday with a most unusual and unique character. He kept staring at me and at the time it didn't occur to me it was my silver necklace he was trying to read. Through our conversation he went on to speak of his journey which was colorful indeed, his confusion and the troubling past and present. I wasn't sure exactly what I was getting from this experience, well not until I arrived home. As I went to slip into something more comfortable  I caught a glimpse of my own necklace in the mirror, the words reflecting with the light " to thine own self be true". I had wondered why it was so difficult for many of us to be truthful to ourselves. Because truth doesn't necessarily make our choices easy, but it does lead us to our self-fulfillment. Some of us may never reach that personal milestone where we achieve our earthly goal and that might be because we have failed to be honest with the one person who matters most...ourself.
I thought to myself what have I walked away from this unusual step in the journey with? I thought well love takes on many forms, judgement is a fools denial, that truth begins with self, happiness is in sharing, lust is sexual energy, love is empowering. some will dream forever and others will make dreams come true, that the mind is capable of more than we will ever know and that no matter what the outer package, if stripped naked of our flesh we are human hungry for love.
I always said that an event is not always about the money, that there is this underlying message that surfaces from each experience. I use to think we were born of either a good seed or an evil seed. But the more people I meet I see the garden is seeded with many kinds of unique and wonderful plants. Some blend really well with other flowers in the garden and others make a point to stand alone.
 It is shivery cold and as I try to keep warm I find my mind traveling through my own heart and soul to reveal the truth of  my inner being and the passion that directs my soul. The words flowed through the air as if it were that day many years ago, singing>" if you wish upon a star, makes no difference who you are." At that very moment it might have been my hearts plea, as I felt the moving of emotion. Trapped in a world that I never quite  felt comfortable with, my soul escaped many times in many ways. Once my soul lived within itself and than it found passage through the trees of the hollow  once it nearly died and when all else failed and the darkness weighed heavily, I found for the first time in my life the comfort of your love.


Love is the mutual sharing of heart and soul.

One whisper,

one word,

one tear,

bonds the heart and soul of two into one.

One dream,

One passion,

one love.

I am cold...pull me close and hold me forever.

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