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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

One day in the life of a poet...

Of all the changing of the seasons, winter has always been my least favorite when it came to the bare trees, the gray hillsides and  the living in what feels like at times constant darkness. That is what always made the first snowfall so glorious, the little white crystals which blanket the hills creating a bright scenery. It never really occurred to me that many of the holiday movies and children's shows paint a picture where the Christmas holiday wouldn't be perfect without snow. Yet nothing is as dramatic as the north east for the changing of seasons.
Images of what is romantic, soothing, comfortable and rewarding in many ways has been programed in our mind and hearts almost like we input information into a computer. Though many experiences do not stay on the forefront of our thoughts, like that of our birth, it is still filed somewhere within in our memory. 
The visuals that we retain, a warm fireplace, a walk in the park, etc, create a form of expectation and many go throughout life trying  to create or stumble upon the experience. In many ways it is the balance which comes from  stroking the emotions with goals of both work and pleasure.Some experiences we take for granted because they are much more common. I thought of the first time we shared a snowflake and the images that came with catching one on our tongue. I smiled as I reenacted in my mind the experience of the first snowfall. 
The room is surrounded by darkness and I laugh as the only light is from my laptop. This connection to the world a form of interaction which allows me to share a moment in time with you brings a smile to my face. As quickly as you can flip through the pages of a book the experiences rolled through my mind. The sound of heels on a marble floor, lunch in Paris, a walk  down by the stream, spilling a gallon lotion and rubbing it all over and yes that first good morning and the images of sleeping in your arms. Each day, each shared moment is a gift in the making, I rejoice that I am most fortunate to walk through the seasons sharing my life with you.

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xiahluver said...

Loving your writing/thoughts.