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Pictorial Prose
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Sunday, November 21, 2010

....love you.

Here is my heart, I give to you my heart
and you may do as you wish. You may 
embrace the heart as you embrace the 
moment with great passion and with the
 magic of desire, but please don't let it go.

I have learned from the many experiences but only one experience has guided me and kept me from stumbling and that is the true magic of your love.For I am lost with out your faith, in sorrow without the serenity that your spirit so embraces and life itself is without meaning without the peace that your has placed our souls in alignment. I cried, laughed and rejoiced, you cried, laughed and rejoiced and together we experience the joy of the journey. 

Sometimes I am leery and that is when I quiver so,that the devils hold binds me and will never let me go.
I gasp as if breathless, I reach as if you are standing here, and when the darkness pursues and my direction is 
without aim that is when I feel your hand and no we are on top of this game. 

Much of the journey has been difficult, but than again I remember my  daily prayer and the Lord responded by sending me your love. I am most fortunate that on the swirl of earths darkness your love remains to guide the way with a beam of light. 

Bound by fear and released by love!

I fell into the arms of fate and laughed and than felt expelled and when all was lost and sorrow set in I knew not where to dwell.. Miraculous the moment,inquisitive my soul, that when you my friend were waiting was when I first was released from the depth and darkness of  hell. 

Time speaks all  truths...

It is not as if the house is quiet today, there is the sounds of the wood burning, the blower, music playing from three rooms away, a rooster crowing and the dogs barking and yet in some mysterious way there is silence.Heed the words of lovers, seek with heart and soul and when the silence lingers shake its nasty hold. Reach out with your spirit, allow your soul to dance and as the music  fills the air we dance in a faraway  land.. 

Here is my love, I give to you my love as an expression of our joined beings. You may allow it to infuse within your very being, keeping it oh so close, but please don't toss it away.Here is the gateway to my soul, I give to you the key so that you may enter into the world where nothing else matters. You may choose to unlock the gate and seek passage where only lovers dare travel,but if the weight is heavy please don't forget... that love in its most simplistic form is one with our being and inseparable. 

I am trapped in this mass confusion and than in a whisper I hear the words of love and they so softly speak... we will make it. 

I love you so much and that is the the celebration each
night as we dance upon the clouds.

Sing > Yes I do, I do love you,
 love you more, each and every day

Yes I do, I do love you, love you more,
 with each breath I take. 

Yes, Yes I do, Yes I do, Yes I do love you,
Yes, yes I do , Yes I do, Yes I do love you. 

Yes, yes I do, Yes I do, Yes I do love you,
Yes , yes I do, yes I do, Yes I do love you.

Yes I do,I do love you, love you morning
noon and night, Yes I do, I do love you, 
till the ends of time.
Love has away of revealing itself,
sometimes it takes a dry river 
bed to reveal the truth.

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