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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

It is early morning and even before I begin to go about the holiday ritual of preparing foods, I find myself reviewing all that I myself have to be grateful for. My son Nicholas will not be home this year for the holidays and so I reminisce of the last holiday when all of my family was together. I remember putting him on the school bus and sending  him off for that first day of school and the dialog throughout the years that life does not follow according to mom's plan. I am grateful that my Nicholas is still safe and I pray without speeding  the months to quickly for his safe journey back to the states.Which brings me to my thoughts on  good and evil. Good and evil exist and I believe from the beginning of time that there had been a translation problem and that when they speak of God and the Devil that they were simple addressing good and evil.... as you roll the D from devil back over into God you have good and evil. The world is filled with so much good and so many wonderful people and yet it takes one evil person's actions to  be put in motion and stir up a negative reaction. This morning I am grateful for those people in my life who created a positive reaction. As I reach out and feel the warmth returned I am aware that I am on my intended path and though I have detoured I am as my very first poetry customer once said" exactly where God wants you to be at this moment"
From my family to friendship the list has become a part of my character who I am and where life takes me. Sometimes I have been guilty of wanting comfort over reasoning. So I thought I would take you on a small ride over a lifetime to bring us up to date. I always felt from a child on abstract or as you would say separate from my surroundings, that is except for the world itself and the universe. From early on I realized that we are a very small part of a bigger picture. I again went through the years and it occurred to me that at a very young age I had very big thoughts. My love for poetry was shared with family members from the first time I had access to a library and continued throughout my life. It was not until my uncontrolled emotions took hold that I found the pen an answer to the woes of the world or was it the woes of the heart? I am grateful for the experiences that I have been granted, the places it has taken me and the lessons that were learned in the process. I have learned  the depth and variations of friendship and love, the stirring of emotion of interaction and the reactions that surface from it all. I have skipped over the years where my soul was stagnant or dormant and I do believe it was. It was as if it followed the path of another rather than strolling along its intended route. Which brings me to date, it was and is a long and winding detour but we surface in our world of survival. I imagine that I am not much different than all of you as we are all surviving our own  personal issues of one kind or another. Again I am grateful for you my friend who chooses and I say yes chooses to journey along with me. I have learned so much from you, you have written  the book on unconditional love, trust, respect,  and have touched on all the varied aspects of our emotions. 

Touched a life and watched it grow and like a thread with a needle a  new story is sown. Smiles and  laughter, heartache and fear and on the darkest days wiped a few tears. Touched a life and watched it grow and like a thread with a needle a new story is sown.


I am thankful that when I was reaching
 you were reaching back!



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Rachel C Miller said...

Anonymous to the world but quite identifiable by the heart. Thank You!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Thoughts! Happy Thanksgiving!

INA said...

Happy Thanksgiving!! Beautiful thoughts.

Mark said...

Happy Thanksgiving! You have much to be thankful for. I have missed being able to come and visit often. Peace and love to you.

Rachel C Miller said...

Hi Mark,
Missed your visits as well.Welcome back!