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Pictorial Prose
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Wednesday, November 13, 2013


Emotions typed upon a page,
with a little bit of sunshine and a little bit of rain.

Mother nature gives to us a test,
sunshine and blue skies and
storms at their best.

It's a little bit of heaven and
a little bit of hell , nature
has a way of casting a

All should come together
and work as one, for the battle
should not be man  upon man
as Mother is the one having

When we can overcome the
anger of the day, we will see that
love is the only way.

I wasn't quite ready for the first snow fall,
it covered the hills and white is all I saw.
I didn't appreciate the ice crystals that lay
along the stream or the blanket of white that
covers where trillium once bloomed in May.

Signs of winter are awful dark and gray,
black in the morning as night falls and
rises earlier each day. I don't appreciate
the lack of sun and there is no fun in
freezing rain.

Foolish Rabbit

Run rabbit run
try to get away
but you keep
circling back
for more of
the same each

Run rabbit run,
try to get away,
north, south,east
and west leads
the same way.

Run rabbit run,
try to get away,
start a new life
and survive
another day.

Some think that dreams are  just a catalyst for useless thought. In all reality dreams can reflect the voice of the heart, the journey of a soul and the faith in tomorrow.

If you don't have a dream you can't climb those mountains high,
bridge the seas and dance upon the clouds in the sky. Without
the dreams alone would we be. It is when the night falls I can
dream you next to me.

If you don't have a dream, you can't imagine what life could
be. It is the dreams that take  you to the heavens and give
you a glimpse of eternity. It is when the moon takes it place
in the sky that I find I'm in your arms and you are in mine.

If you don't have a dream you can't build rainbows
in every hue nor take a journey through the magical blue .
Lucky for me I can close my eyes each night, take a deep
breath and explore with my mind.

There is a lock upon the gate
of the garden of happiness,
I can see that it is there and
that joy does indeed exist.

If I could unlock the gate ,
I'd be there with you,
 celebrating each moment
that is like a dream come

I see in my daughter her strength and confidence which exudes her very being and at times the complete opposite and her weakness surfaces. This poem is for my daughter who taught me more about me than I ever thought was possible. 

Journey forward
stand tall, don't be
afraid to stumble
and fall.

See the sunshine in
all you do, let that
happiness coming
shining through.

Take the challenge
don't be afraid, you
were loved since the
first day.

Journey forward
stand tall, don't be
afraid to stumble
and fall.

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