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Pictorial Prose
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Friday, November 29, 2013

No Word from My lips

It is that time of year where you review the past and look to the future. The passing holiday has revealed more than what a meal can provide. I felt both near and at a distance, if that can be possible. In my minds eye I find myself trying to fix what seems almost impossible to bring to terms. Trapped in a situation that  chokes the breath out of a person. I saw that the children grow up and make their own decisions and more times than enough it doesn't include the family as a whole. I also had a glimpse of the truth of friendship, when all else fades , friendship surfaces in a comforting way.
Life is all about right and wrong, opportunities and choices and a bit of circumstance. Like a blue print we are engrained with a set of morals that direct us through process to choose right and wrong. Occasionally it feels more like guilt than right and wrong. I try to listen to all parts of my being, What is right and wrong and who is it right and wrong for?  Now comes the conscience which I attribute to guilt which interferes with choice. Life is like  a big circle going round and round and when you find the end it is over.
The wrong in life can be comfort simply because you know what to expect.  Therefore we allow the web of life to put a restraint upon our choices. I find it to be a case of the " scales of justice" which way does our choices lean and who benefits. On one side of the scale is time on the other side consequence and I find myself on the side that weighs heavily with choice.
Listen to the sounds of your heart to mine,
a sound in rhythm that documents time.
Stay here with me and lie here in my arms,
you are so ever close and never ever very far.
I don' t need a love song, no music for me,
I'll just dance to our hearts even if its
only in my dream.
The music of the soul, the words of my
heart, the love we shared from the very
Lips upon lips, hand locked for all time
as my soul and yours gently entwines.
Sunrise in the morning,
sand beneath my feet,
I can hear the ocean
as if it was talking
to me.
Melancholy sounds
and a song of waves
splash against the
rocks acknowledging
another day.
My heart wants to believe
in what tomorrow can bring,
love and romance direct
from my dreams.
The stars are shining
behind the dark great clouds
giving hope to the moment
as the rain comes falling down.
I  close my eyes to see you near,
in the dark your heart lights the way
and there I say my hello and goodbyes
as another dream finds its way.
I close my eyes to see you near,
your arms stretched out to me,
I know where I belong and
I know you belong with me.

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