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Pictorial Prose
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Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Just Me

Early in the morning,
no one is by my side.
The darkness dwells
as the sun has yet
to rise.

Many souls in passing
and that may be true,
and yet I feel a loneliness
with out you.

There is peace in writing
as I document the day
that you touched my heart
in the most wonderful way.

Promises are forever
and some things will
never change as I hold
you in my memories
day after day.

Colliding Worlds

To each something different
and this much I can say
that no two worlds are
quite alike, each special
in their own way.

Occasional the laughter,
loyalty and fun and just
the thought someone
cared enough to love.

There are dances in the heavens
and a stroll upon the earth, as we
walk along the river and listen
to the squawking blue bird .

Worlds divided by
mountains and seas,
with barriers along the
way that keeps everything
in a dream. 

Enter the moment and
here is what you will see,
that someone can take a
heart and make it believe.

The world of magic that
only friendship brings,
when hearts and souls
collide out of simple

The need to give and
the need to receive
the warmth of love
that through our
heart breathes.

 Life began at ten
as I was running
through the woods
gathering some apples
and feeling misunderstood.

Nature embraces in a
magical way, it doesn't
place judgment any
time or day.

One with the mountains,
like a sapling tree,
I found myself growing
with thoughts and memories.

Sometimes I am tired
guessing which way to go,
my journey so restless
like the wind it blows.

Only love can understand
where our hearts in this
world stand.

Only dreams to bring you here,
in the night where my heart
I share.
Up so early
as I watched
the sun rise,
replacing the
darkness with
bright blue sky.

There are dreams
that you few will
get to see for mine
came true when you
said hello to me.
My fingers are typing
and the words are from my heart
some cast in memory others
getting a fresh new start.

Easing my mind and calming
my soul, I write the words of
love that in my heart I hold.

Forever and Always

I thought about the love,
wonderful indeed, it
makes life so special
and puts a smile on me.

There are no endings
time is all we have
forever is everlasting
a declaration of our

I needed to run
and run I did,
escaped through
the memories
where there is
only love.

I needed to feel
your embrace
to gaze into your
eyes as I kiss your

I needed to run
and run I did,
into your arms
where my tears
I hid.

No sorrow or despair,
only love and joy is
allowed here.

I needed to run
and run I did,
to a place I
was once forbid.

Beyond the mountains
and dreams
I am running via

to ease the pain

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