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Pictorial Prose
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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Sings >I don't need the stars....

I don't need the stars to go on wishing, I do it both morning and night. I wish that you were here my darling and my dreams were  really coming to life.    I don't need a rainbow to bridge the blue skies, I bridged the distance with my mind. All I had to do to hold you darling is simply close my eyes.

                                                               Day after day I tried,
                                                               placing the pieces inside,
                                                               one by one in the heart,
                                                               to bring you from afar.


I have come to understand
from the window she stood
trapped inside her bedroom,
she is so very much

Distant and so far away
until it occurred to me one day,
there was loneness and a bit
of fear in the little girl that
had so much to share.

Nothing could ever touch her,
she seemed to fade into the night,
gone but not forgotten as she
remains trapped within my mind.

The older I get the more I realize that all things shall pass. In some ways it makes you grateful for the experiences and restless wondering what else is yet to be. It is like being a part of nature, as each season passes the days become accumulative. They not only build character but weigh down the spirit.
Playing a variety of music, each song brings a moment in time back to life. Some melodies capture the soul with romance and passion, others set a mood that cradles us under a blanket of melancholy heartbreak. But in the end it all comes together to reveal the vulnerability that time itself has placed on us.
In retrospect I understand where choices took life on a detour. Flustered as I try to make sense, stringing together the pieces of my life. The goals take on a new direction as reality of survival surrounded by yet unknown perimeters. Sometimes you just can't see beyond the mountains nor can you bridge the distance that separates souls.

Tethered spirit
dares to fly
grounded both
soul and mind.

Trying to escape,
the loneness of
the day.

Bound by sorrow
and despair,
wondering where
I belong and who
belongs here.

Tethered spirit
dares to fly
grounded both
soul and mind.

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