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Pictorial Prose
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Monday, November 25, 2013

Winter's Poem A Day

I passed over the mountains
crossed the many seas and there
deep within my dreams I have
found you next to me.

One silly tear roles down my
cheek and with it comes a
reminder of how very much
you mean to me.

You are the blue in the heavens,
a field of daisy in bloom and
when I think about it you're
even in my good morning dew.


The wind rips through the trees
and the snow does nothing to
please. Winter has spoken
through the cruel winter

I spend my days dreaming
of my yesterdays, when you
first said hello and replaced
those skies of gray.

There is ice upon the window
and I could script in it your
name but I chose my heart
and that is where I hold
you to this day.

They cut down the pine trees,
they took each one away,
but they couldn't take my
memories that I hold to
this day.

I hold the laughter, the
smiles that you gave to me
and I hold them in my heart
day after day.

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