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Pictorial Prose
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Monday, November 18, 2013

Whispers of the Heart

I watched as the sun took to the sky
replacing the darkness and the moonlight.
The window beside me gave such a view,
knowing that my sky is your sky too.

The shiver of my spirit could not be denied,
I felt it take a hold as it grasped from inside.
My  conscious thoughts existed only of you
as I re-explored the moments that made my
sky so blue.

There is a comfort knowing our love exist
that the heavens sent the clouds for our
dance upon the blue. That our dreams
are real and I can feel you here next to

I am certain you must know how
much I love you so. My heart beats
for you and for you alone.

You changed my world and taught
me once more to feel, the magic
that ensues when hearts and souls

There is no comparing my wants
and needs , for when I am with
you I have my everything.

It wasn't my desire to look and find
but somehow the love brought you
to my side.

Connected in spirit, bonded soul to
soul, you took my heart and my
hand you still hold.

The passion developed
with warmth and tenderness
and I describe it as a love
that brings a joyful bliss.

One with the universe I hold
you by my side even though
the barriers of mountains
dare to control the night.


Listen closely and the whispers
of the heart will reveal the love
I've had for you from the start.

My fingers rule the keyboard,
your memories rule the night
and my heart dares to write.

Mi amore, mi amore I love
you, mi amore, mi amore
yes I do as I whisper of
my love for you.


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