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Monday, November 04, 2013

Relaxing in Your Arms

I have had several calls to confer on the beginning of Autumn. There wasn't any one situation that spurred the journey. It really was about the many obstacles,  people and a road that twist and turns as we travel. It was like every person I met was responsible for awakening something inside of us. It began with acceptance and then came encouragement and that followed by faith. I had years that were incredible and a few that I would rather forget. But as I spoke with the women writing the article on me I found myself reviewing the domino affect that people have on us. One moment leading us to the next. Again I looked at what different people brought to my life and the continuing journey. It all comes back to friendship and how very different each friendship is.
I told my postmaster Dan that I thought lately that being a hermit seemed like a good escape.  I imagine we all surface through periods of anxiety as we stress over the unknown. What I found really incredible is that everyone we come in contact with finds a place somewhere within us. Some become a mere memory , others find a place in our heart and than there is occasional magical moment where one soul bonds with another and is on the journey for the long haul.
As I listened to the music and went over today's  conversation in my mind and reviewing my life as someone else read a part of my life out loud to me I found myself seeing that it was not segments but a whole picture. I felt a warm feeling as I thought of the person who dared to enter my life and bring a magic that once could only exist in a fairy tale and another that showed me hearts really do break. But that is neither a beginning nor an end, just and extension of what was to come.
Sometimes as my eyes swell with tears, I try to understand what each fallen tear represents. They are really neither happiness nor sadness but packed full of emotion.

I reached across sea,
unknowing and empty
of dreams, to find you
were there reaching.
with your love so sweet.

That led me to tomorrow
with magical memories
that touched my heart
and gave to me a dream.

There were a few obstacles,
and people passing by ,
until I found your friendship
that wiped the tears from
my eyes.

My legs a bit wobbly,
choices still a few
as my heart beats faster
as thought of you with me.

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