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Pictorial Prose
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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Compassion, love and desire...

I gathered a few pieces of the puzzle of life,
this morning I found peace and happiness
fit right. There were a few that blended into
a calm and I saw the blue sky as I listened
to our song.

I gathered a few pieces of the puzzle of life,
they came in all sizes and I knew they were
right. Friendship and the joys of life but the
one on love brought passion into my  life.

I have always referred to life as a puzzle. The interlocking pieces range from our wants to our needs. With each piece we get a view of a whole being. It is almost as if every lesson in life leaves behind a piece to be put in place. Love and compassion stroke the soul and give us a glimpse of an inner happiness. I would be lying if I said there a perfection in one human over another, as each individual as their own sort of scale of justice. When the positive outweighs the negative it changes the boarder in which the pieces of the puzzle are placed. Another version of " we are the company we keep." Each day is a celebration of our oneness with the universe, as we are merely energy on a grander scheme. I also realize that as we place the pieces accordingly, like filing away experiences to recall at a time of greater need, we also get one step closer to the completion of our individual puzzle.

Touched my heart
and taught it to sing,
revealed the dance
as if awakened
from a dream.

The mysteries of life,
lead me to you and
their on those clouds
we dance under the

Touched my heart
and taught it to sing,
revealed the dance
as if awakened
from a dream.

One more puzzle piece
snaps firmly in place, as
a reminder of all we
have gained.

Compassion, love and
desire, all the emotions
that blaze in my soul
like a fire.

Touched my heart
and taught it to sing,
revealed the dance
as if awakened from
a dream.


You'll see,
if you look,
your love in me.

You'll feel,
if you touch
your heart of dreams.


The river is frozen,
no waves to carry on
and so I ask the wind
to take to you my song.

Filled with love, compassion
and a fair amount of  dreams,
I directed it all to you as you
have sent your love to me.

The morning is filled with pleasure,
the memories are mine to treasure as
I keep them with me always as
a reminder of you and I.

Nothing  can destroy the magic
of our dreams, for you are my
sweetness and you are my

There is a calm to the morning
and I will tell you why. I have
a story that I keep safe inside.

It doesn't have an ending, no
matter how I have tried, for
the love of you is forever mine.


You and I , that is how it should be,
you and I , forever as it could be.
I can't tell you how to feel, but if
you have the courage, you'll find
I am there with you.

I looked on out the window
and there was snow on the ground,
temperatures equal to frozen and
memories all abound.

I couldn't hide the smile, it's been
there for some time, as you gave
to me a happiness that will remain
yours and mine.

I looked on out the window
and everything disappeared
and all I could see was the
dance that brought you here.

The magic is in loving, it is
powerful indeed, creates
an illusion that haunts
through memories.

I looked on out the window,
to find you were looking back,
and I smiled for a moment as
the sun replaced the nights black.

I can't explain the way I feel,
its rather unusual that it made
my heart heal.

There is no erasing, we can
try but there is no replacing,
the love between us, the joy
our friendship brings.

Our souls have come together
and that is not just a dream,
we are a story of love and
forever we'll soar above.

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