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Pictorial Prose
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Wednesday, January 29, 2014


I think they must be angels,
they push, they pull and 
they tug and when I try to 
let go I feel a gentle hug. 

I think they must be angels, 
they call, they whisper, they
sing and when I doubt the 
moment their voices come 
to me. 

I think they must be angels, 
loving, wise and kind, they 
directed me down the road 
and eased my troubled mind. 

I think they must be angels, 
they touched my from inside
left a print upon my heart 
and wiped the tears from 
my eyes. 

I think they must be angels, 
as I have thrown in the towel 
and when I least expected it 
they gave to me a smile. 

I think they must be angels, 
for they know me better than
I know myself and when the 
curtain of sorrow falls they 
remove the power of hell. 

I think they must be angels, 
when the storms of winter fall
they give to us a reminder
through the rays of sun they 

I think they must be angels, 
they come in many a disguise
and lend a ear so that I may
quietly confide. 

I think they must be angels, 
sympathetic and true for 
when I reached out a hand
they once more led me to you. 

I once more found myself
in the arms of yesterday,
when all was as it seemed
and happiness replaced
the gray.

I could have done it differently,
the choices I had made but with
no regrets I let go and the dreams
with the wind took way.
The script was written in error and 
no provisions were made and that is 
why a tear drop falls each 
and everyday. 

The stars go on forever, 
the mountains top the sky
and the steps that led me 
to you confuse the mind. 

The blue bird returned, 
the wren she stayed behind
and I thought about the 
strength it takes to heal 
this heart of mine. 

It is not strength that makes the decisions
for I have been on a course of choice other 
than my own. 

It just might be winter
or the darkness of the 
day, but somehow I 
highly doubt it, as the 
pain has never gone 

I placed upon my face 
a masque made of a smile 
and a band aid upon my 
heart that stuck for the 
long mile. 

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